Sunday, November 11, 2012

80th Birthday Cake

I know, I know, I've been MIA.  I hope you haven't left me.  I am an emotional blogger - I find it hard to post when I'm feeling down.  But the other reason is, I am fussy.  I like to have pictures to accompany my posts.  It makes for more interesting reading I think, when there is something visual there too.  But since the photos I really wanted were on hubby's camera, I couldn't get them when I wanted them.  I am still waiting on said photos.  

But that's not all!  When I want to write catch-up posts, I have to have them in chronological order.  I just can't cope when they're not!  Even I am laughing at the silliness of this, but it messes with me... so I put off posting.  

Well, no more putting it off; even without those pics, I will go ahead and post.  And it may not be in chronological order!  But I'm going to get over that and post anyway.  I will try not to bombard with posts one after another with what has been going on.  There is a bit of cake, and a bit of Erik.  A bit of family and a bit of fun.  All the bits and pieces that make up this blog.

But first up, just a cake....

This one was made as a gift to my husbands grandmother, for her 80th birthday.  Only a small cake, 6", fruitcake.  I made the flowers, trying really hard to come up with a spray that was both classic, but with a more modern, cleaner feel to it.  These were the first flowers I had made since class!  We had to transport the cake with us over the 3 day journey interstate for the celebrations.  Fortunately, it made it there with minimal damage - a couple of leaf tips and only one orchid petal broke off.  I was able to fix the petal, thankfully, and the broken leaf tips were not even noticeable.