Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I really do miss blogging when I haven't done for a while.  Life can get so hectic sometimes, that writing about it often gets demoted to the bottom rung of the priority ladder.  But that is a shame;  it means that many events of note are unrecorded along the way.

I decided to give my blog some loving this week - hence the new look.  I will probably continue tweaking away to get it just right.  The focus will remain on my beautiful boy though... no more cakes, although I have come a long way with that since the first ghastly efforts I posted about and was once so very proud of!

Posting on my personal facebook page has been where I have shared about my sons new things and experiences.  So even though I haven't blogged extensively about these incidents, I have kept a sort of record of what was going on.  I thought it might be nice to gather some of them into one place.

19 December 2012
Got a little emotional at Erik's kinder concert this morning. It's hard watching him stand in the corner uncertainly while all his peers take part in singing and actions, and all the while knowing that he knows the song but just can't seem to participate. But it's ok. It's ok. I like to record these moments because one day we will look back on them and see just how far he's come. Also, right now I have in my possession an enrolment pack for ******* ******* School!! Super excited to be embarking on this next step in his life!! Even if we all embark with no words! 

20 December 2012
Most beautiful sound to my ears for the whole month.... Erik doing his best to echo "Everybody dance now!" and collapsing in fits of giggles with it  

25 December 2012
My son is doing amazing in church today. Broken pattern and everything!

6 January 2013
Isobelle is playing "Talking Tom" with Erik.... where she is saying things and he is ECHOING!!!!!   :'D

8 February 2013
Sometimes, when I have too many things going on, I don't know which one to start with or share. So I'm going to list them... yeah.... love lists :P:
1. Erik is still echoing lots! I'm loving hearing his voice and his words, even when he struggles to make them.
2. Erik has had his orientation at school, and I can hardly contain my excitement for him for this year! 
3. I'm so very grateful for this amazing country and the people in it. My admiration for anyone who works with children is huge, but for those who have a passion/desire to work with our special kids, it's even bigger. Thank God for you people, who care enough to find out why these kids do the things they do instead of lumping them into the naughty/bad/useless box 
4. About to start working on an exciting cookie project!
5. Erik has to be on the bus at 7:18am. Yay me... lrn 2 luv mornings .

11 February 2013
Waiting at the designated stop for the bus that has my son on it to arrive. More than a little anxious 

18 February 2013
Oh my goodness! Erik is carrying his own schoolbag, AND he said "bye" to me on the way out the door! Only three days of school and already this!

4 June 2013
I had to administer some medicine to Erik, who has not needed to have any for over 18 months. While he put up a fight, it was not the epic one I was expecting. And we managed to take the whole dose with no meltdowns! What a good little man! 

6 July 2013
He has been through 4 tops today. I wish the chewy necklaces I ordered would hurry up and arrive!!

8 July 2013
Managed to get some shopping done with all four today. Erik did very well, mostly holding Leila's hand. But we had a meltdown on the way out when we didn't stop at the playground. One lady tried to talk him out of it. Most people just stared at us. Erik on the floor screaming and crying and me trying to talk him through it and show him the picture of the car. He understood, he just didn't want to comply. Trolley in the middle of the walkway with my handbag hanging in full view (and grasp) of anyone who might decide to take advantage of the situation. Big girls looking nervous and worried, Isobelle trying to talk to me. But we managed to get him up and keep going (I had to carry him for a bit... no mean feat with his size compared to mine). Maybe go again tomorrow to get some more stuff. Short successful trips are good!

20 July 2013
Special day today! Went to the movies with the WHOLE family! That's Erik and Isobelle's first time at the cinema. They both did great! (especially Erik :))

30 July 2013
Isobelle: Mummy, can you feed me?
Me: No I can't darling, sorry. I need to help your brother.
Isobelle: But I'm little.
Me: No, you're a big girl now, you can feed yourself. But I need to watch Erik because he's autistic honey.
Isobelle: Why Erik is cheese stick?

... maybe it's too early yet.

1 October 2013
Erik put a much-needed smile on my face this afternoon. I made him a Nutella sandwich for lunch (basically the only thing he'll have on a sandwich besides cream cheese). He cheerfully exclaims "Attack!!" before tucking in to the sandwich. Hehehe... so cute 

24 October 2013
Tonight at dinner: Erik actually ate vegetables with his mashed potato! Win! And Isobelle used her fork as a dinglehopper. Interesting mealtimes at my place O_o

8 November 2013
Erik drew a person!!! Anyone who knows us will know how amazing this is!! He drew this the day Will came home from Kapooka. First time we've ever seen him draw more than scribbles!! Coincidence...? Maybe not....maybe he really did draw daddy!
Photo: Erik drew a person!!!  Anyone who knows us will know how amazing this is!! He drew this the day Will came home from Kapooka.  First time we've ever seen him draw more than scribbles!!  Coincidence...?  Maybe not....maybe he really did draw daddy!

7 January 2014  
Ok: Everyone pray for me today! I offered Erik jocks instead of a nappy today (don't know why) and he calmly accepted them! So I guess today has somehow become a toilet training day! Mr Strong jocks. So cute 

15 January 2014
I wish I could leave Erik's window open so the breeze could blow through his room. The room is so hot, but I can't leave it open in case he figures out how to push out the fly screen and climbs out the window .

26 January 2014
Random thoughts.... I wonder if I could teach Erik how to put away his pyjamas and make his bed in the morning. I wonder if I could teach him how to wipe down the dinner table...

29 January 2014
And so the holidays are over; just like that. I'm a little bit sad actually, but at the same time, I'm happy for my kids: They were bored at home. Especially Erik! And Isobelle starts kinder this year! Bet she's gonna love it 

So... I guess you can gather from all the above that there has been more echolalia, a little more interaction, and more social experiences.  Oh, and my husband joined the Army Reserves.  

Sadly, there has been no progress with toilet training.  This continues to be a source of frustration for me.  But I'm sure we'll get there.