Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hope Fulfilled!

I am so excited right now, that I couldn't wait to share this with you all.

A few minutes ago, I called the childcare centre that I was wanting to put my son into - remember..? the one that didn't have anymore places for special needs kids? .... After looking around, I still felt that that one would be the best for him, so I hesitated placing him anywhere else. Anyway, I called them just in case something had come up in the last two weeks or so. To be honest, I didn't expect there to be, but I had to check.

And guess what.... they did!!! It just so happened, that someone on a waiting list for something else got into their thing, which freed up that day for my son! They had intended to call me about this, but the lady who was supposed to do that has been sick. Gosh, I hope this all makes sense... I'm too happy to think straight. Actually, I'm embarrassed to say, I'm nearly in tears of joy. Haha! Corny, I know :P.

So, the day is very much NOT the ideal day. Wednesday happens to be their busiest day, but also happens to be the day we go for speech every fortnight. But you know what? I don't care! Less than ideal is so much better than nothing. We can work around the speechie hour. And if the centre is full of kids that day..? oh well! ... there are alot of kids there most days anyway. Who knows, maybe later on we can swap days or something. Or maybe, it will all turn out to be better for Erik to have lots of other kids around anyway.

I am just so happy, because I have been praying for this. This is an answered prayer. I'm not kidding when I said that there was very little chance of a placement here, so this really is a genuine answered prayer. I'm thanking God from the bottom of my heart for this!

Orientation next Wednesday... will keep you posted :)

xxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

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