Monday, September 6, 2010

Fathers' Day

First time making a proper tiered cake.

I didn't have quite enough fondant to cover the cake. But luckily I had some chocolate fondant that I had only just bought for something else. I decided to marble the colours together both to make up enough to cover the cakes and as a decorative effect. I had just enough to do the job!

The icing on the top tier is a little bit less marbled because I had to re-knead the icing a bit to cover it. If I'd had any, I would have added some more white to balance the patterns out a bit. But oh well. This is what I had to work with! Lucky it's just a 'practice cake' with family.

I got to use my brand new alphabet cutters. Yay!

Some more of the marbled effect. People seemed to be fascinated by this for some reason! My daughter said it looked like carpet (...thanks?), my nephew said it looked like tiles hehe... I guess the effect was striking after a fashion LOL. I liked it anyway :P

White cake filled with thick vanilla mousse, thinly covered with lemon buttercream. The top tier also had raspberry jam, but I didn't get a chance to take a pic of that before it all got eaten!

Hope everyone's father's day was nice.


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  1. Why don't we get anymore fail cakes?

    - SadMexican