Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sons Of Anarchy Cake

I made this a while ago for a friend of ours turned 30. It was my darling husband who kindly volunteered me to do his cake. Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing cakes for people - especially good friends - but at 3 days notice!!? Aarrgh! So I had all of 3 days to design, plan and make this cake, which is why the logo and rockers are very, very simple.

The idea for the theme came from hubby, and judging by the reaction of the birthday boy's friends and family, it was just perfect.

It was chocolate cake with jaffa ganache - absolutely delish! And yes, he loved it :)



  1. How did you do the lettering on the cake? Did you cut the letters freehand or use a stencil of some kind? Great job!!!!

  2. Thank you :) I just used fondant cutters for the letters - I wanted to cut them to match the SOA font properly, but cutters was all I had time for!