Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Easily A Pattern Can Form

Sometimes it amazes me just how quickly my son can form a pattern. It's almost like, he just decides he is going to do a thing from now on, and that's how it must be done, end of story. Sometimes, it makes me chuckle. I smile as I watch him setting a pattern or plan in motion, and the delight on his face as he does this makes my heart sing. Other times, I wince on the inside and do my best to stop it from happening. And occasionally I am mixed up in both... because he's cute, but this is not good!

One morning, Little Man realised that our two pantries, fridge and deep-freezer were all in a row.
Like so....

He was down from his chair in a heartbeat, making happy hissy sounds and smiling. He opened the first pantry wide.

Opened the second one.

Opened the fridge.

And opened the freezer. Then stood looking at the whole thing, very proud of himself.

I stood watching and just smiling.... I think I was half asleep. (I'm really not a morning person - four babies and 10 years have not made me a morning person. Face it - it's never gonna happen!). But somewhere in the back of my foggy brain, I thought; This is not a good thing. Quietly and without a fuss, I went over and closed the fridge and freezer. He kept opening and I kept closing. Sometimes it's just easier to do that than hold him back. I know it isn't good for the long run, but seriously, it's first thing in the morning people! Blegh!

My husband however, is a clever man. With one simple action, he stopped Little Man in his tracks and put an end to the obsession that was blossoming before us. Oh we had tantrums... I still had to deal with that in the end anyway (*mumbles ungratefully under her breath*). But, it was necessary and alot better to stop this immediately.

What did he do, you ask? Oh he is a clever, clever man. He simply interrupted Erik's pattern. Like this....

One rubber band around the second pantry handles so they couldn't be opened. Pattern interrupted. Boy cannot move on to fridge and freezer 'cause it doesn't fit the pattern and it's just wrong!

Love it! Hehe.

Oh, he kept trying, for days after. And every time I would accidentally leave the rubber band off, he would be flying over to those doors and opening them all up. But if he sees the rubber band, he doesn't even try. Which is great! Because he decided to move on to the other kitchen cupboards. A rubber band here, a rubber band there.... and they stay shut.

I wish breaking patterns was always this easy. But the truth is, it usually takes alot of work. And it's very frustrating. We were lucky to see this one forming and nip it in the bud.


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  1. aw, but you're right - he's so cute! we have many similar fixes around our house, including safety locks on the fridge and freezer and on the closet doors in Rhema's bedroom!