Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Is My Life Every Day

Sung to the tune of "Spotty kind of day"

There's a toy over here
And a shoe over there
Pasta sauce on your ear
And some snot on your hair
And a lot of lego blocks
On the floor - everywhere!
This is my life every day.

Wipe a nose over here
Wipe a bum over there
Try to cook up some dinner
When there's kids 'round your legs
Then stand guard so your son eats
Without climbing off his chair!
This is my life every day.

Help with homework over here
Sign a diary over there
Fight with boy to brush his teeth
Trying real hard not to swear
And then put them all to bed
Hugs and kisses, bedtime prayers
This is my life every day.

Have some dinner and a shower
'Cause it's time for some self care
Husband comes home from his work
Enters bathroom, just to stare
Then make lunches, iron shirt
Some computer, crash in bed
This is my life every day.



  1. and yet amidst this crazy existence you are still loved and appreciated :) chin up cousin in law, despite the distance between us, this family still journey's with you and yours in our hearts. We may not understand some of your pressures, but that doesnt mean we don't know that you will rise through them and come out stronger on the other side. *hugs*

  2. amen sister!

    and every day i can't wait for the "crash in bed" part. =)