Thursday, June 7, 2012

Morning Mum!

My son had a surprise for me this morning.  Not that it was much of a surprise... I was awake in bed and could hear what was going on.  Still though......

"Morning mum!  I opened the pantries ready for you today....."

"....and the fridge.  For the milk of course.  
And the freezers.  Just in case!"

"Thought I'd open the microwave too, and the cups cupboard.  You know, so you can warm up our milk"

"Oh - I didn't forget the drawers mum!  So you can get our spoons out.  Yeah.  But can't have only one drawer open, it would look wrong.  So I did the others too.  Nice and even that way mum.  But see how I left the top one in just a tiny bit - so you can know the difference?"

 "Hmm... talking about 'even', I better open the cupboard on the other side of the bench here too.  Even that one out a bit."

"Oh, what the heck.  Might as well do all of 'em!"

"Griller too of course.  That's still got a door on it after all!" 

"Here mum.... I also put all the lights on for you.  I know how much you hate when the house is dim."

"I even remembered to do the lamp!"

" Aren't I a clever boy."

Time to get the rubber bands out again........



  1. Kerry says Absolutely Gorgeous

  2. First, he's beautiful. I love his way of helping. How long did it take you to shut everything?

  3. Thanks girls :) He is a gorgeous boy, and I know I am biased!

    Tessa, all I did that morning was shut the fridge and freezer, and quickly rubber band the second pantry. The rest I didn't bother with because once he's on a roll, he'll just keep opening them. I got his breakfast and once he was settled and eating, then I quietly shut all the others. I didn't want to risk a meltdown that morning. Doesn't take long if he's distracted, maybe a minute.

    He is usually ok with me closing them so long as he has followed through on his pattern. I think he fully expects me to come along and close them anyway. So I usually just sign 'finished' and close them one by one. Sometimes I get him to help me do that too.