Monday, February 20, 2017


In October of 2015, my life was hurled to the ground so hard that I completely crumbled.  My husband and I broke up, after just shy of 17 years married.  To say it was traumatic is a major understatement, but I won't be going into the details.  The only thing I will add is that it is 100% over and my personal recovery is still in progress.

I hope to continue blogging, but obviously there will be a new perspective now... I am a single parent, and the primary carer for all of my children, Erik included.  The details of the parenting agreement are still being fine-tuned, but on average, the children are supposed to spend every fortnight weekend and half the school holidays with their dad.  

Myself and the children continue to adjust to life as a single parent family.  The kids have been amazingly resilient and I am disgustingly proud of all of them.  Things get hectic, there is a lot on my plate and I often feel overwhelmed, but generally speaking, life has actually gone on as usual and the overwhelm is more for the emotional adjustment for me.

I'll be trying very hard to leave the emotional realities out of my posts, but due to the transparent nature of my personality, that might not always happen.  It is likely that my posts will be erratic and irregular for various reasons - too busy, too emotional, too much to say, too little to say... etc. etc.  But I'll try, because blogging here began as a way to document my journey as a special needs mum, and that's the reason I'll continue.  The beautiful thing about this blog is that it started before Erik got his official diagnosis... so the beginning really is the very beginning.  At this point in time, Erik is 9 1/2 years old.  I actually find that pretty amazing.

Lets see if I can pick this up again and carry on.....



  1. Keep writing Viv- you have a beautiful way of putting your thoughts into words.