Thursday, July 22, 2010

Itchy Heads

We have head lice. That's right. Head lice. You know those nitty little things that crawl around and bite your head? And lay eggs? And are really hard to get rid of? Yeah. Them. I can hardly believe it. This is the first time ever we have experienced it.

It's funny, almost exactly 2 weeks ago, I remember my head feeling incredibly itchy one day after I came out of the shower, having washed my hair. It was strange, I remember wondering why it was so itchy. About a week later, I asked somebody to check my head, as I suspected I might have a case of the dreaded head lice. But nothing was found. I thought maybe it was just hormones or some other inexplicable reason. *shrug* Who knows. Can't be lice because we didn't see any eggs or bugs. Checked the kids and also found nothing..... not that they had been complaining of itchy heads anyway.

Well, this morning, my little Miss Jane walks around scratching madly and saying that her head was itching badly, and could I check her head for lice please. Clever girl. I checked. And I nearly died. At first I wasn't sure what I was looking at was indeed eggs, as I've never really seen any real live ones before. Only in pictures. When I tried to move one along the hair shaft, the jolly thing wouldn't move. Then I saw other ones just like it nearby. And then I knew for sure.

Oh the joys....

My first instinct is to place her in solitary confinement, put on a space suit and gas the little buggers out! But I can't do that and it takes all of my self control to not panic scream and tell her to stand still and not touch anyone else in the family. Um, hello. What about myself? I think it's a bit late for solitary confinement now! I cracked up laughing. What else could I do? I suppose this would have to happen sooner or later. I guess we are lucky to have gotten away with not having any for this long, with the Big Miss being in grade 2 now, and Miss Jane in grade 1. So now, I am pretty certain that I have had them all this time too.

Devastated about that.

Treating the kids is one thing. Treating my own hair is another. My hair is waist length, curly and thicker than most. Oh, this is going to be fun.

So all my previous plans for today have had to be scrapped in light of this new problem. But when something of this calibre drops into your lap I guess you don't have a choice but to deal with it and place everything else in the 'On Hold' basket.

Speaking of things coming in out of the blue, my little mans cold seems to have taken a turn for the worse today. He is pale with dark circles under the eyes. Mild fever, not eating. Falling asleep where he stands. I am worried. I have put him to bed without further ado, and am keeping an eye on him as I treat these other little pests. And I have been informed that I must babysit my nephew as well, as my mother must be out to view my auntie's body before the funeral tomorrow. In truth, I don't really mind - he's such a darling and I love him to bits - but it does mean that it's another thing to juggle today. It also means that I will have to bundle up Miss Jane, Baby Miss, Little Man and Little Nephew into the big van to go an pick up Big Miss and Little Nephew's Brother from school. Should be ok. Should be.

My weapons of choice: Poison Foam and the Fine-Comb of Death. Those nasty little bugs cannot escape me now! Muahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

Right now the three little ones are asleep, so I guess I better go and wage war on these little nitty-nits.


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