Friday, January 28, 2011

Elmo Cake and No. 7

My nephew's birthday and my daughter's birthday are very conveniently on 24th and 25th of January respectively, so we often do a little thing for them on Australia Day (26th January for all you non-aussies :) - it's a public holiday for us!). This year, I made a simple Elmo cake for my nephew.

Everybody loved it and raved about how good it looked. This suprised me a little bit, because it was so simple to make. I can't see any work in it that requires any meticulous use of skills or talent. I didn't even have to carve the cake into any shape! But they all said it was very effective and kept asking how I got Elmo's 'fur' to look so good. I guess I take alot of the stuff I have learnt for granted now. Elmo's 'fur' was made using a grass piping tip. It's an icing tip with several holes punched through it. Nothing greatly scientific. But I suppose if you don't know about it, then it's just something really cool! I was just very pleased that they liked it. My sister stuck a no. 3 candle in Elmo's mouth and we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy. He was just toooooo cute. He loved all the fuss, and the cake and the candle, and nearly burnt his lips off getting so close to the flame to try and blow it out!

As for Miss Jane, I told her that she could have a small cake this time as I am planning to do a party with friends for her later on when the school year starts. She asked for a no. 7 - fantastic!... I thought. Quick and easy.

Both cakes were marbled vanilla and chocolate with vanilla buttercream (just tinted different colours). Miss Jane asked for jam in the middle of hers, so the no. 7 got jam too.

Obviously, my little Miss Jane turned 7 this year. But last year, I noted down some of the hilarious things she said. Kids say the darndest things you know! ( - hey, wasn't there a show about that on TV at one stage? Haha!). Anyway, she came out with some pearlers that often left me scratching my head wondering how the heck she came up with such an idea. Here are some of the best ones:

How does the weather come? (Ummm... well.....)

How do donkeys get babies? (I choked on my juice, but my husband anwered her with a perfectly straight face "Why 'donkeys', Leila?"

Do dogs really say 'bow-wow'? (Err....)

How does the egg get a yolk in there instead of a chicken? (Oh dear, I see us having 'the talk' a little sooner than I anticipated!!!)

Why do ladies have to wear bras? (This one was in the middle of a large department store, right as a man was walking by us in the other direction!)

Mum, what will happen if you take a light bulb off and put water in it? (WTH?)

Mum, if a fairy gets a mozzie bite, will all their blood be gone? ... because they're so tiny! (Bwahahahahahahahaaaa!!!)

So, hahaha, how would you answer her questions?


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