Friday, January 14, 2011

Lightning McQueen Cake

This was for my nephew Stefano, for his second birthday. I was so privileged to make this cake, it truly was an honour. I think that of everything I have made so far, this one tops them all. On the night before the party, I stayed up the entire night finishing it. Went to bed at 8:50am for 1 hour, then got up and got ready for the party. I haven't pulled an all-nighter like that since I was in uni, but it was so worth it. He is so worth it. Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be seriously, disgustingly humid, so the icing was melting and became very sticky. I'm surprised the cake held up as well as it did given the circumstances! The worst that actually happened was that the spoiler on the back of the car wilted, and you can see that clearly in one of these photos.

Left side view. Photo was taken at home before the cake ventured out into the elements.

Right side Left side.

The rear spoiler drooped from the humidity. I was very disappointed.

Yep, they hacked into it LOL. Chocolate cake with cookies & cream filling. A delicious combination.

Hubby and I were trying to work out how much the cake weighed, because when I came to put it into the cake box, I found that I couldn't lift it, and had to get him to help! (Lucky he was home that day, he was actually meant to be out at the office). We worked it out as weighing around 13kg. I'm not kidding. It was ridiculously heavy! The bottom tier was a 14 inch cake, and the car measured 12 inches long.