Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black & White Cake With Pink Lilies

I had the privilege of making my SIL's engagement cake last week. My SIL is not just my SIL, she is my best friend - as close as one of my own sisters. We laugh, cry, and stress out together, and she loves my children as her own - which means alot to me. The man she is engaged to is just fantastic. Top guy, a great addition to the family - and taller than her!! (She's a pretty tall girl!)

Anyway, she asked for a cake with black, white and pink colours, lilies, and a ribbon that draped over the cake. Chocolate cake with cookies & cream filling, and the rest was up to me. So this was what I came up with!

I made the lilies from sugar paste.... it was the first time I'd made anything like them, and I wasn't particularly happy about how they turned out. But a bunch of compliments soon brought my satisfaction levels up a bit further.

It was the first time I'd tried any stringwork piping, so I was very nervous. The lines are most definitely not perfectly spaced out or straightly done, but the overall effect was still beautiful. So I was happy with it.

Had to include an inside shot.... I love looking at the yummy insides of cakes, and thought you might like it too :P - despite the fact that it's messy and not all set up like a food stylist!

In retrospect, I would have made the top tier 1 inch smaller; I think it was a little bit too big and didn't quite have the desired effect. And I accidentally cut the ribbon about 1 cm shorter than what I wanted!

Still, I was very pleased with the outcome overall, and had a heap of fun with this cake. I got to use some new techniques and it turned out delicious.


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