Friday, February 18, 2011

The Microwave

He has discovered it. Unlike the light switches, this discovery is a real pain. He started by just opening and shutting the microwave door... very pleased with himself for the new discovery. Then he progressed to investigating the inside of it. Soon, he was fiddling with the dials on the outside and turning it off and on.

This is a hard one. Unfortunately, I can't just let him play with it until his curiosity is sated. Rather than stand there and fight it out every time, I have resorted to just taking the plate out and unplugging it from the wall. He loses interest in it pretty quickly that way. The problem is, when I need to use it, he is there in a heartbeat, crying and getting all upset because he wants to play with it. Then, I do have to stand guard, blocking his way and continuously saying 'No. Don't touch please'. Driving me bonkers!... Reheating stuff is ok, but when I have to defrost things from the freezer, it's a real pain.

At the same time, of course, I am happy that he is exploring and has discovered something new. I am beginning to realise this is a hallmark of being a mother to an autistic child. Frustration and joy all at the same time. Is it any wonder I'm crackers?? Hahaha!



  1. One of my guys is obsessed with the microwave, too. Whenever he sees one, he goes right to it and opens/closes it until someone yells at him.

    Just started following your blog.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your comment :) I just started following your blog too LOL... I loved reading your posts... they made me laugh and cry and nod my head in understanding. House rules had me in tears of laughter - so funny! I haven't left a comment there as yet though, but I will :)

    Hope you enjoy reading.

    PS. Your boys are just gorgeous!