Thursday, March 24, 2011

Into The Battle Arena

Ok. It's time. I am about to enter the battle arena, and tackle a great monster called 'Toilet Training'. That's how I feel anyway. It's funny.... I have been confident with just about every aspect of mothering for all my children, except when it comes to toilet training. Normal girls included. I just dread it. I don't know why I am so not confident with this, but that's just how I feel. Anyway, it must be done. I had fairly quick success with the big girls of course, but my little man is going to be a very different story.

At least that is what I have come to believe after hearing stories, advice and anecdotes about toilet training autistic children. I have been told not to even bother toilet training until he is at least 5 years old. Not to worry about it now, as he is not showing signs of readiness. Not to do it yet because he cannot speak and therefore cannot tell me when he needs to go. But, I have also heard that new research suggests that special needs or no, a child should at least begin toilet training by the age of two. Well, we are way past that now. I wish they told me that one when he was younger!

I'm throwing out all the previous advice, and I am going to tackle this now. I agree with the new research....I believe it is past time - he is a big boy. Speech or no speech, we will find a way for him to tell me - we have with other things! If it becomes too stressful and we don't have success now, that's fine. I will drop the matter completely and try again another time.... probably at the end of the year when I toilet train the baby miss. But sooner or later, we shall succeed! (*cue victorious music*)

So! I have come to the arena equipped with my weapons of choice:

First, we have some new jocks! A couple of different types of pull ups for the night time... I'm thinking the blue ones will be best, as they seem more like undies and less like a nappy. Some old toilet training underwear that the girls used years ago, and some lovely new little boys' jocks with some fun designs. Can't say how much I loved buying those ones :). Cute!

Next up, a lovely textured bath mat. My little man loves feeling textures with his feet. Not with his hands. One of his favourite activities is to walk around the backyard barefooted - thistles, dirt, mud, gravel, dry grass, hot bricks, WASP STING!! - none of that bothers him. He loves it. So, texture for his feet. (PS: I have a spare one too, for the inevitable accidents!).

A nice sturdy step support for his cute little feet.

Left wall. Do you know how hard it is to find big posters of kids characters?? Impossible! So I bought three kids magazine, and cut and paste pics of his favourites and stuck them to the walls and door. It'll do :)

Right wall. More posters and characters.

Last, but not least, a bucket of books and toys and stickers in the corner. All his favourite characters. He doesn't usually show interest in books and stickers, but I will try anything! After all, he is sitting in the one spot for this isn't he?

All to create a fun, warm and enticing toilet!! ... at least I hope so, hahahaa!

Lets not forget, my trusty chocolate buttons for rewards - very important!

Well, so far this has turned out to be a rather expensive undertaking. Lets hope it is successful, so I can justify my costs compared to buying nappies.

We start this afternoon, when I pick him up from kinder. Wish me luck!!


For the purposes of recording our progress:
Erik is currently 3 yrs 7 ms of age. He is still non-verbal and still getting the hang of PECs. ....Crazy much? lol...