Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Week Later

Ok, it has been one week since I started toilet training the little man. This was to be the day I made a decision to either continue or give it up for a while.

I have decided to continue. At least for another week.

You see, today, I had a meeting at the kinder with the main room carer, my son's aide and my EI worker. The aide had something to show me. It was a photo of my boy ... sitting on the toilet!! He even had a smile on his face!! That woman is AMAZING... I LOVE her! We are SO lucky to have her! She talked about the steps she was taking with his toilet training - and this is the first day she has had the opportunity to do this mind you! - and showed me the photos. Both the carer and the aide confirmed that he is doing very well in the room in general, and mentioned that whether or not I chose to continue with the toilet training at home, they would be more than happy to continue toilet training there, because of the positive signs they saw today. Can't get better support that that, honestly!

My reply was that the way they had taken on the task of toilet training him really made me feel supported in what I am trying to do - like I am part of a team, rather than trying to do this alone. It is the encouragement I need to continue with toilet training at home also. And hence my decision.

My EI worker also mentioned that if, at any time, I felt like it was all too much and I couldn't keep it up, it would be perfectly fine to ease off with the training at home and allow them to continue. This is a relief to know. Although I suspect the best possible scenario would be for toilet training to be consistent in both areas.

So there it is. I will continue with it, and reassess the situation weekly. I still don't know if we will be successful this time around, but I guess my hopes are lifted after that meeting. And if not, that's fine. We shall come back to it another time.


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