Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Moving Is Done

So here we are, mostly... almost mostly.... settled into our new place. We've been here just over a week now. The arrangements between the two families are working out really well, and we are all super happy with how it is going. The big girls are delighted with their new room - it has pink walls! All kids eat their meals on a bench top rather than around a table, and this has been an unexpected blessing. My son remains on his chair because his feet can't touch the ground, and everyone's dishes and mess stays in one spot close to where it can be cleaned up.

But how is the Little Man doing with the changes..........?

The answer to that is.. Fantastic!!

After spending a long day at grandma's while mummy and daddy were moving and cleaning, Little Man was desperate to be in his own bed. He had fallen asleep on grandpa's couch not long before I arrived to get them all. When I went to collect them, I spent a few minutes in the car preparing him to arrive at our new house. "Home to the new house" were the exact words I used. When I turned the different streets, there was no complaint. Good sign. But when I pulled into the driveway, he began to whimper. Wait a sec.... this is not where I actually want to be!

I got the girls out and sent the Baby Miss off with them, but Little Man would not get out of his seat. The more I tried to coax him, the more he protested, until I could see that he was building up to a full blown meltdown. Before this could ensue, I grabbed him and carried him in while he cried and protested, all the while talking him through the changes.

I gently put him down once we got inside, but he immediately began to drop to the floor. This means he intends to tantrum. I quickly picked him up again and carried him straight to his room. My rationale was that if he sees something familiar, he might be ok. Once I placed him on his bed, he stopped complaining. He seemed surprised and pleased to find it there!

At first, I had intended to allow him to roam the place a little before going to bed, but Erik seemed to have no desire to do this tonight. I couldn't get him off his bed. In fact, he quickly curled up ready to sleep. Hmm... new room or no new room, this boy wanted to be resting in his own bed, doesn't matter where it was. I managed to change his pants to pj's, didn't bother with the top... he was too contrary. I tucked him in, sang 'Jesus loves me' to him and prayed. As I kissed him goodnight, he was smiling. Ahh.... this was just what he wanted. Mum, routine, and a familiar place to rest. He slept peacefully all night.

The next morning, I woke to find him perched up on the corner of his bed staring out the window. He was happy. When I came in, he started hissing and making his happy sounds. He smiled and contentedly came out to the main living areas with me. Watching him as I prepared breakfast, he seemed excited at the new place. Oh, there was no problems here. None at all. My boy is settling in as sweetly as any child, albeit somewhat differently.

The second morning in though, Little Man noticed my BIL getting himself breakfast, and decided that he wanted it. Poor Uncle Jay was there trying to eat and gently fight off a screaming boy at the same time. I hurried to get my son his own breakfast, and managed to wrangle him away from my BIL to sit at his place on the bench and eat. But I think it might take a couple more days before he understands that he must wait for his own food and not bombard poor uncle Jay for breakfast! In the meantime, my BIL has been taking his breakfast to eat in the peace of his own room.... and I can't say I blame him!

Moving is done - so glad the hard part is over and we can now concentrate on nesting in. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and well-wishes! Hope to get back into a groove before Christmas is upon us......


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  1. Thanking God for your new home and smooth transitions!