Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Word In Time

I got some lovely gifts this year. A gorgeous ring, Kylie Minogue's 'Darling' perfume, $100, some Masterchef kitchen gear, a punchbowl, electric knife.... truly spoiled. But the best gift wasn't any of these nice - and they were really nice - things. Sorry mum. Sorry honey. Sorry all. The best present I got was from my son.

I'm sure you could all see that coming! I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Boxing day, in the evening.... we were sitting on the couches altogether with my SIL and her hubby. Just hanging around. TV on, not doing much. Little Man had been climbing over the back of the couch onto me, but was now sitting in my lap, slouched, as is his way. I started playing a game with him. He opens his mouth and says "Aaaaaahhh" while I bounce my hand on his mouth to make the sound turn into a "wa-wa-wa" sort of thing. He loves it. This is in itself a big step, as just a few months ago, he couldn't purposely produce the "aaaahh" vocalisation required to play this game.

So there we are, wa-wa-wa-ing. He laughs and giggles. He loves this game. He takes my hand and places it over his mouth to indicate more. After a few rounds, I took my hand right away and asked him...."More? More wa-wa?" He becomes very still, a look of concentration comes over his face.


Ohhh. Wow. A word! A single word in appropriate response! Just. Wow. Best present this Christmas!

Hope yours was as lovely as mine.


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