Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Boy.

Little man turned 3 this week. I can't believe he's 3 already! His babyhood just flew past quicker than a flash. He's already out of his toddler years and moving into preschool years. I thank God for him. He just makes my heart pop with love sometimes.

I still find it hard to believe he has Autism too. I just can't get my head around the fact that he has a disability, that he still isn't speaking - at 3 years old! - that there is still so much he cannot do. I guess when we first found out and I thought he was fairly 'mild' on the spectrum, I really expected him to be saying at least some words by now. But there are none. And there's no way to tell where on the spectrum he is just yet. The fact that I live with this every day doesn't make it sink in anymore .... I still struggle to get my head around it. Words will come, I know it. I just don't know when. In the meantime, other things are improving - which is encouraging! His eye contact gets better all the time. His interest in his environment is starting to pick up a little bit. And he seems to be generally more 'awake'.

Social situations are hard for my boy. Which means that birthday parties don't mean very much to him. It's not like he would play and have fun with friends. He keeps to himself mostly, and to his limited interests.

This year, we went to a play centre to celebrate his birthday. It was just us, and close family. He loved it! He enjoyed himself very much, which made the whole effort well worth it for me.

Started the afternoon in the ball pit. He wasn't too sure about it though.... a little unsteady with his balance, but it was great for working the motor skills!

On the slide with papa... much better fun.

Ready... set... gooooooooo!!!

Time for a pressie - a Mr Potato Head!

He was a little upset about his cake being cut - something I hadn't anticipated.

But by the time he got a piece to eat, he was all good :)

At home after a busy afternoon... he was tired. But we still opened more pressies. Giant bubbles and a Leap Frog Learning Pad from his cousins :)

From us, he got a sand and water table. But he hasn't seen it yet. I have dyed some rice in 2 different colours to use instead of sand and water for now, as it's still too cold to use outside. Also, I'm pretty certain he won't touch sand because of his sensory issues. He probably won't touch dry rice either, but it might be more appealing with the bright colours. We shall see!



  1. Oh, that's wonderful. Happy birthday to Little Mr. I'm glad he's doing so well.

  2. Thank you Jade! I am so proud of him :)