Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Late Night.

Last night, I was up until around 2am. I am so tired.

Little man has had a cold - just a regular old sniffle bug, nothing major. All the kids have got it now, but little man is at the end of it. For some reason, he started wheezing and coughing yesterday afternoon. Sounded like asthma, but the doctors still refuse to give a diagnosis of asthma for him. I gave him ventolin regularly throughout the afternoon and evening, not too much, just a little bit to try and take the edge off the wheezing. It helped a bit. At night he wouldn't sleep for wheezing so much, he went hyper. He is normally a good sleeper, and he didn't sleep at naptime, so he should have been dog tired. The laboured breathing was the problem. I gave him more ventolin and waited. Still didn't sleep. At about 1:30am, I had to give him Prednisolone ... it's the only thing that helps. I was able to get to bed at about 2am, when it sounded like he was finally settling. I can't sleep when I know he is having trouble breathing.

I really wish the docs would diagnose asthma so I can get him on a preventer and avoid these situations!!

Oh, to snuggle up in bed all warm and cozy and fluffy, and sleep.... drift away, undisturbed, until I am fully satisfied with rest.


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