Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey Mr DJ...!

Two cakes done up as 'Technics' turntables. I have never seen one of these turntables in real life, so I was mainly working off some photos for these. I did also google for some other turntable cakes to see how they are done, but I didn't use any one in particular as a guide. These were alot of fun to make, and I learned a couple of things in the making too.

Obviously, the birthday boy is a DJ. I was told he loved his cake, so I'm uber happy :).

Inside was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. I used fondant to cover and make the accents with. The turntable on top was made using a thin layer of cake as well, so everything except the ribbon is edible.

A dozen chocolate cupcakes with a duo of milk chocolate and white chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate lattices went to the same place as the turntables did.



  1. +1 for the term "uber happy" :-)

  2. These cakes were a big hit with everyone at the party!! You really should get a card and go into business Viv - we both know someone who is a very good/excellent business manager and I'm sure she'd love to offer her advice on things! :P
    I have to tell you.. one of the cakes didn't get touched because Joe would only let us cut one of them... and do you know where that cake is at this very moment?... Yep - in the beer fridge outside!!!! He wanted to have it framed, and is flatly refusing to let us throw it out!

    Yeah, Mr DJ loves it!!! :)

    You're the best!!! Thanks again!!