Monday, October 4, 2010

Mandy's 21st

I was very priviliged to make this cake for a 21st. The party had a 'Secret Garden' theme, and the birthday girl wanted a white cake with pink flowers all over it. After running some designs by her, we settled on a climbing vine type thing. I wanted to try and incorporate a gate and key on it somewhere, and she loved the idea. She requested the gate at the top tier, with 21 candles behind it.

The cake was chocolate, with chocolate ganache filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream. The vines were also buttercream, and the flowers, gate and key were made of fondant. Everything is handmade and edible.

This cake really kicked my butt LOL. So many issues came up, most of which can be attributed to lack of experience and proper equipment. I learned alot through making it though, which is good. My piping skills really, really need alot more practice, but I think it turned out well overall :) The birthday girl was very happy anyway, so I am too.



  1. You forgot to thank you husband for the awesome photos :)

  2. I thanked him while he was sitting here beside me!