Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I imagine.....

Sometimes I imagine conversations with my son.....

I would ask him: "Hey honey! I missed you today. How was kinder? Did you have fun?"

He might smile and say: "Hi mum, I missed you too. Kinder was fun, I like going there now".

"That's great bubba! What did you do there today?"

"I put bottle caps into the jar.... I like that game. And I put together rows of building blocks.... and I put some colourful toothpicks into a jar through these tiny little holes! That was so hard, but I can do it!"

"Yes you can honey, you can do anything you want to if you work hard at it. You are a clever boy. Did you do anything else?"

"Yeah... I did some painting. I didn't know what it was before, but then Maria showed me how to make lines with the brush .... I like the lines mum. I painted lots of green lines!"

"Well done! I'm so proud of you. Painting is fun isn't it? Painting was mummy's favourite thing when I was a little girl. What did you eat today? Did you have some fruit, or some crackers? What did you eat honey?"

"I ate fruit. I like fruit. But I didn't eat the oranges, because they look wrong".

"Oh, they just cut them up differently to how we have them at home honey, that's all. They are still oranges, and they are still yummy. You should try them next time".

"Well they look wrong, so I didn't eat any. But guess what mum......"


"I ate lunch from kinder today!! Not my sandwich - but I still like your food though. But I ate rice and vegies at kinder. It was yum. I ate it all."

"Did you really! Wow! Well done bubba! That makes me really really happy! See? Mummy has a big smile now... look. That makes me very happy because it's something new! You did well today at kinder. I'm glad you had a good day. I love you bubba."

"I love you too mummy."

He can't really answer any of my questions, or tell me anything about his day. But when I look into his smiling chocolatey eyes.... I just know.

And yes, he really did eat fried rice at childcare yesterday. It was the first time he has eaten lunch from there instead of lunch from home. Too happy for words :)


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