Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pineapple & Cream Sponge

I thought we were about due for some more cake. But I haven't been baking anything special lately, so here is one I should have posted ages ago, but never seemed to have gotten around to it.

This was for my big sisters' birthday. She had been craving a sponge cake with fresh cream and pineapple. Not easy coming up with a funky and modern design when it comes to decorating with fresh cream and fruit! I wanted something different to the traditional swirls etc. This is what I came up with. The middle is also filled with pineapple and cream, and the succulent flower on top is from my garden. First time I've used fresh flowers on a cake! I really liked the effect of it... I think it added to the "pineapple" theme a little bit. You know... spiky green leaves and such...

I have to say, this cake was delish :)



  1. That looks like heaven on a plate. Seriously.

  2. Thanks A&A! I wish I got a pic of the insides, but I think we were all too busy devouring it at the time LOL

  3. mmm, that does look lovely, my mouth is watering. Apples and Autobots has directed me to you because of your cakes!

  4. Thank you very much Pages! Hope to see you again :)