Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where Am I?

Still here, but busy! My SIL is getting married in little more than a week, so we have been rather preoccupied with wedding preparations. Especially when you consider the whole family is part of the wedding party. That's right! Your's truly as Matron of Honour, hubby as Best Man (isn't that sweet!), all three girls are Flower Girls, and my little man is indeed the Page Boy! ... won't that be interesting, hahaha! We are planning on walking him in with me, I pass him on to my sister who will be equipped with a bunch of stimmy toys, hubby and I pick him up on the walk out of the chapel, family photos are first up, then I run him and the Baby Miss home where the baby sitter is waiting to take over dinner/pjs/bed routine, and I dash back just in time to be announced at the reception. All of this in platform stiletto heels and a corsetted strapless dress! Awesome plan, huh? I will let you know how that pans out, hehe.

So yes, things have been a little flat out. Between dress alterations, finding shoes for all, stockings for the girls, hens night planning, making appointments for the big day, jewelry, a shirt and tie for my boy and planning a schedule for the morning of the wedding.... it all takes it out of you. I still have to get the house tidy and organised to accommodate everyone getting ready here on the day - but I have booked a cleaner to take some of the pressure off.

In the midst of it all, Baby Miss has a couple of new words, and has created some beautiful artwork pieces with texta on the kitchen cupboards and entertainment unit - gorgeous. I love it 'cause its so NORMAL!! Little Man has a new mini trampoline which he just loves, and a new sound - "weeehhh-yah"! I discovered half eaten crackers, an empty snail shell and a bucket of homemade paint hidden under the bed in my big girls' room. Hubby and I are cruising along at 100 miles an hour, but we are all still here and all good. Hope to get back into a rhythm once the happy couple are off on their honeymoon.

Back soon :)