Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Ramblings

We are not having a good day.
We have had lots of meltdowns today.
My son has not eaten his lunch.
He will not eat his dinner.
Dinner is gluten free spaghetti, with the usual sauce.
It is the first time I have offered gluten free spaghetti to him.
He will not eat it.
I don't know why he will not eat it... it looks almost identical to his usual spaghetti.
He should be starving, but he will not even taste it.
He has not brought me any food PECS and I think that is strange.
I finally offered him fried rice and he ate that.
I am thinking a gluten free diet is not going to work, even though we've just started.
I still can't understand why he didn't want the spaghetti...if he picked a difference in it just by looking, he is one amazing kid.
I have wanted to sit down and cry at least twice today, but didn't.
The boy wee'd on the carpet again.
I am sick of the house smelling like wee.
Baby miss vomited a little bit - on me.
I had to help both big girls with their projects tonight... should have enjoyed it, but it was really just another chore.
They were both up way past their bedtime to do it, because I had no other time I could spare.
I feel guilty over everything.
I still want to cry.
I miss the warm weather.
I have to go shoe shopping tomorrow.
I should be looking forward to it, but I don't have the energy to enjoy it.
I managed to have a 1 hour nap this afternoon.
I felt awful trying to get up after it, but would not have been able to get through the rest of the day without it.
No matter how much I soak and wash my boys' black socks, they still smell like wee.
I cannot believe how bad today was with meltdowns, patterns and stimming.
I am wondering what I have done wrong.... again.
The kids are all in bed now, and I am glad the house is quiet.
I feel guilty over putting the boy to bed when he was still crying.
I went in later and kissed and hugged him.
He was and still is perfectly fine.
I still feel guilty though.
I hate how I dream and plan to get into the housework with a smile and lots of energy, and then end up dragging my feet and wondering how I'm going to get through the next hour instead.
I hope tomorrow will be better.
I think it will be.
My big girls are so proud of their projects and so appreciative of my attention.
I feel bad that I can't do more.
I feel happy that they are so pleased with their efforts.
I am proud of them.
Baby miss has been using PECS, and it's really, really cute.
She is also pointing at things and trying to say words.
She is a balm for my soul.
I look forward to blogging about happier times.
I know they will come sooner or later.
I thank you for reading :)



  1. *big, big hugs*

    Hang in there. You can only do your best. Remember that you are allowed to have bad days! I hope you work out the gluten free thing... and that toilet training goes back on track. You are a wonderful, inspirational lady and I hope that you get lots of good days very soon.

  2. Shucks Jade! Thank you :) <3

  3. I'm sorry that things are rough right now. I've been there. You're not alone in this crazy thing.

  4. Thank you A&A :) It is quite crazy isn't it. Sometimes the enormity of it all is just overwhelming. But things seem to be looking up now. Hopefully be able to post again soon!

  5. Just found you through a friend: two of my kids are gluten-free due to coeliac disease. It takes a while for kids to adjust to the slightly different taste/texture. Persistence pays! You get the smell of wee out of washing using Borax [just a tablespoon or two in with the load]. It took me many years and lots of thrown-out clothes before I discovered this trick!

  6. Thank you Shelle! I will have to try that. And thank you for stopping by :)