Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Kiss

Erik kissed me today. For the first time. Seriously! It was a real, honest-to-goodness kiss! I know I mentioned before that his usual kisses are something like a tiny lick...? - and that's really cute! - but this afternoon, he kissed me for real.

I'm in love. Completely gone :)

I have to thank the characters of The Night Garden for this. Upsy Daisy in particular. Truthfully...? - I can't stand the show myself. Reminds me of the Booh-Bahs and the Tellytubbies. I keep thinking the creators of such shows must smoke something funky before they produce them. But, like many other toddlers, Erik loves it. I think he has a toddler crush on Upsy Daisy. And Igglepiggle is his home-boy. The Pontypines never fail to crack him up too, and MakkaPakka....

....but I digress.

As I was saying, I must thank Upsy Daisy for Erik's kiss. One of her 'things' is to blow kisses. Erik has been imitating this for a while now. I often kiss him and ask him to kiss mum too. He usually turns his head, or maybe leans his face against me, or gives me one of those little licks. But this time as we were both mimicking Upsy Daisy, I asked him again for a kiss. He puckered up his lips, and with smiling eyes, he slowly leans in, and plants one right bang in the middle of my cheek.

I totally melted.

Upsy Daisy

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