Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Little Shadow

I am busy doing cake stuff today...normally I do this when kids are in bed, but there were a few things I was able to do while they were around. So I'm sitting at the table dipping cake balls into chocolate, when who should come along and keep me company....? My little man of course :)

Erik definately prefers company to being alone. He often follows me around through the day...drives me crazy sometimes, because I can't get much done!

So up he climbs onto the chair next to me, and sits quietly watching me work. After a few minutes, a little hand starts creeping across the table to the tray of chocolate dipped cake balls..... I suppose the temptation really would be a bit too much for any little toddler, hehe. But a quiet and firm "no Erik, don't touch", and moving the tray away a bit further did the trick. Yeah, he whimpered a bit, but it was sort of half-hearted. He really is a good kid. I caved and went and gave him a chocolate frog for being so good :P.

He was so good for the rest of the time. When I finished coating all the cake balls, he was allowed to lick the bowl and spoon. I am wondering if this might be a good way to teach him to use a spoon heh. He didn't really use it to get more chocolate out of the bowl though, so I don't know.

Anyway, this cake I'm working on must be delivered this afternoon, so back to work I go while the two little ones sleep.

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