Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ooo! Hello deh!

Ok, I'm shy now. I've just created my new I have to write in it. I had so much to say, and suddenly I've lost all my words!

Hehe... hubby would laugh at that.

Perhaps I should start with a bit of an introduction...although that stuff should technically be in the 'about me' part. Doesn't matter, I'll put some here too.

So.....10 minutes here, 10 minutes there..... the title reflects how I feel about my life at the moment. Ten minutes is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but my days - if I must schedule them - are often broken down into increments of 30 minutes or so. There are a couple of exceptions through the day, but this is usually the case. As you can imagine, I find it hard to get anything done properly with a schedule like that. But like all mums, I somehow manage.

Yep, I am mother to four adorable kids, and wife to a truly amazing man. At this point in time, their ages are 7, 6, 2.5 and 5 months. Three girls and one boy. One of my kids has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). He is yet to have a formal assessment for an official diagnosis though. My 2.5 year old son is the one with ASD. My only son.

So, I've started this blog because....well....I don't know really LOL. I suppose now that I really think about it, it's because I was inspired by other blogs I've seen...a couple in particular that I love following. When I think of the deeper reasons, I think this might be a good way for me to make sense of the events happening in my life right now. There's alot going on my head, and getting it down in a written form is a good way to get my brain around stuff. But why a blog and not a journal? Well....I also think it might be a nice way to share a little of my life with friends, family, strangers (oo that's a bit scary!), because I rarely get to actually spend time with anybody much. My plate is quite full at the moment, and finding the time/energy to invest in 'seeing' people is really, really hard. Some people would be rather critical of that last line. But they don't walk in my shoes. So they don't know. So that's ok.

Also, I have realised in recent months, that I actually really love baking and decorating cakes. I think I have loved this sort of stuff since I was a teen, but I've only just now realised how much I enjoy it.

So this blog will probably contain lots of posts about my family, and lots of posts about cakey stuff, with a smattering of other bits and pieces just to add spice to it all.

My real name is Vivianne...but my screen name has been Slinki just about forever, so that's what I'll sign off as for now. Thank you for reading my first post.

I guess I found some words after all :)


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