Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Success?

Remember the post where I talked about how my little man wee'd in the toilet, with his jocks on? And how he seemed to be standing up rather than sitting on the seat when he did? Well he has done it again, only this time, he pooped!

That's right! I have kept on with the leaving-him-in-there-alone tactic, and this time when the music stopped, I also noticed a really strong, feral, poopy smell. When I peeked around the corner to check on him, there he was just passing the time, standing up in front of the toilet. There was alot of poo in the loo and some on the seat, and a scraping of it on his legs. But NONE in his jocks or on the floor! Awesome!!

It's hard to work out what happened because I wasn't in there, but I suspect he was sitting or crouching at first, and then stood up towards the end, which is how he got some on the seat.

I cleaned him up and made a really big deal out of it. He was clapping and laughing too, and waited with some apprehension for me to flush it all away.

I am so pleased! I just think, that even if he doesn't really know what was going on, it is a step closer :). I also think I might just continue with the privacy tactic.... maybe he really does just need his own space? I'll just have to be vigilant to when he is finished and needs to wipe.

Here's hoping this success continues!!

At it for 7 weeks, and we have finally caught a poop on the toilet :)


  1. Thanks A&A :) I think it's awesome too! Now, if only he kept up the pattern LOL. We haven't had a repeat unfortunately. But we'll get there one day :)

  2. Read your hearfelt blog. Briefly, I understand your sit. v. well. Persevere with all the ABA you can get for him. Stimulation is the key - eventually he will respond. Raw fruit and veg may be better. Good cooks can be a disadvantage. It's not your fault. Tell the woman at the school politely that her rudeness is objectionable. People often don't think through and repent. Wish you all the best. Grandma of autistic boy aged 7.