Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He Puts The Happy In "Happy Meal"

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. Started with the usual chaotic morning run of dropping big girls off to school, scoot around to drop the little man at kinder and then off to do the groceries with the baby in tow. Just before I was to turn into the shopping centre, I looked in the back of the car to smile at my little one, and found my little man still seated happily and quietly in his seat! .... forgot to take him to kinder. So back I went to drop him off.

Spent about 1.5 hours doing the shopping with the little one whinging halfway through. Went through the checkout and checked my phone for the time, which is when I found a missed call from my man. Called him back, phone went funky and couldn't hear anything. About to try again when he sms'd instead. 'In case you're doing the shopping today can you get anti-perspirant'. Right. Drag the heavy trolley back into the supermarket, pick up the anti-perspirant, pay and make my way out again.

Back home, quickly check emails and send a few messages. Then simultaneously unpack the shopping and feed the baby lunch. After lunch, baby goes to bed. Make a coffee and sit down to do my cake school homework. A couple of hours later, it is time to collect the children. Fortunately, I have finished my homework - just. Load a half asleep baby into the car and set out again. Pick up the big girls, then drop all girls off at grandma's for an hour or so, and make my way over to meet my SIL and future BIL at their appointment for the wedding cake. Didn't want to miss that one :D. Cake appointment goes for 1 hour, and they choose a gorgeous design, put down a deposit and off we go again. Pick up the girls from grandma's, grab some Macca's for dinner since I won't have time to cook, then pick up the boy from kinder.

Once we are all seated and ready in the car, I place a McDonald's Happy Meal box into his lap. He looks at this with surprise and delight, and starts making his 'happy' sounds. "Fffff shhh.... ooooossss oooooosss..... ooooofffff sssssss" etc.

Hehe... cute :)

We get home and he is very keen to get out of the car. There is alot to unload though: 2 girls, 2 schoolbags, 1 baby, her blankie, baby bag, boy, kinder bag, 3 boxes and 1 bag of maccas food, 4 drinks, and myself. I take the baby in first, and put her down behind the safety gate while I go back for the boy and other stuff. The big girls take care of themselves and their schoolbags. I try to enlist the help of my little man by giving him his own meal box to carry, but he wouldn't touch it! ... Strange. I thought. I know he loves Macca's. Oh well, I'll just have to manage. He starts running up the garden path excitedly, but keeps looking back to see if I'm coming. Very good!

Get into the house and try to unload everything. He has run to his place at the table, but since there is no food there yet, he comes back to see where I am. Finally I put his food on the table and set him up to eat before the others. He is so excited, it's not funny! I set up the others, and try to grab a bite for myself to eat before cake school. I had no lunch and will not have time for dinner before I go tonight.

My son, however, is happily tucking into his dinner. Every few minutes, he gets up and returns to the edge of the lounge room, and re-patterns coming in and finding his Macca's at the table. Hubby told me he continued to do this after I had left for cake school too. Hey, all kids love McDonald's - right? I mean, I have yet to meet one who doesn't, though rationale tells me they must exist somewhere. But honestly, I don't think I have ever seen a kid so happy to have McDonald's! I mean, my girls were pleased to be having it for dinner, and every other kid I know would be pleased too. But my little man...? Well, he just puts the 'happy' in 'Happy Meal'. He was unbelievably delighted. Cute!

Off to cake school where I learned how to make Arum lilies and leaves, rose leaves and rose buds. Back home by 9:30pm to (finally) eat dinner, and finish what I did not get done in class. Prepare lunches for the next day and iron a shirt for my man. Finally, bed at 12:30am. Exhausted.

The highlight of my day...? My little man's very happy Happy Meal.


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