Friday, April 23, 2010


I love it when my son takes an interest in his environment. This is supposed to be what regular kids do. They check out their world. I remember back in uni, doing a unit on attachment in children - what was healthy and what was indicative of anxiety or other issues. A baby/toddler with healthy attachment is one that takes a small amount of time to warm to their environment, and then begins to explore their surroundings by venturing away from their caregiver (usually mother) and returning to her at various intervals. Like the caregiver is 'home base'. I can't cite sources off the top of my head though, and frankly, I can't be bothered looking for them. But that much I do recall from back in my uni days.

So when my boy explores his environment, and makes a discovery, I share his excitement in every way. It's wonderful! For so many reasons :).

Recently, we were out having dinner at my sister's house. It's not as though we never go there however, my sister's place should be a familiar place for my son. But he has never ventured beyond the bottom level. This time though, he decided to check out what was upstairs.

It seems he discovered how to get up the stairs by himself, and when he got there, he found the walkway to the upstairs lounge room. He was delighted by this discovery! He spent most of the evening running the same circuit from my sister's room, past his cousins' rooms, and along the balcony/walkway to the lounge room, and back again. You could hear his happy noises as he did his thing up there. It was very cute.

The problem was trying to get him to come back down to eat his dinner hehehe. We managed :)


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