Monday, April 26, 2010

Line up!

It's a fairly typical autistic thing to do. Line things up. (Although not all ASD kids do this). When I tell people that my son has autism, it's often one of the first things they ask....'oh, does he like, line stuff up all the time?'. Well... he doesn't do it all the time. And he doesn't do it with everything. And in fact, he's only just started doing this recently. But here's a cute shot of what he did with his mandarin segments tonight at dinner. Please excuse the messy high chair tray.... he is still feeding himself (yippee!!!) and therefore he makes a mess of himself and his tray :)

I peel the mandarin for him, and segment the pieces, and check each one for pips before plonking them on the tray in front of him. He took each piece, and instead of eating them straight away as he usually does, he lined them all up in a row first. Then he ate them. Too cute <3.

Sometimes, I need to work at breaking some rigid patterns. Other times, they are as innocent as this. And I just think; 'Honey, if it makes you feel better, you just go ahead and line up your stuff'. I figure, better that than screeching all day or banging his head or something. It could be much worse.


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