Saturday, April 17, 2010


Unruly curls

Yep. His hair was just getting too long! Well, too unruly more like. I just couldn't do anything with it. No matter how I brushed - and I'm lucky he even lets me! - it still got messy and looked unkempt. I hate it when hair looks unkempt. There's a difference between funky or cool, and unkempt. It's already a job just to desensitise my son to things touching his head, so if we weren't at it all the time with him, I can just see him growing up to be one of those people who left it all unkempt and feral. Can't have that *shakes her head adamantly*.

He has no idea what's coming, poor thing.

Still, haircuts are traumatic for him. At least in the past they have been. His very first haircut was done at a local hairdressing salon, when he was around 18 months. We didn't know there was a problem then. Naturally, he cried and was very distressed. We just assumed that was a natural reaction..... there's no reason why any other toddler wouldn't react the same on their first cut! Anyway, the girl did as best she could with a crying, head-shaking, squirming boy in the seat.

The second time he got a haircut was with me and his papa at home. That one was around 8 months ago. We knew he had ASD then, which is why we chose to do it at home. This time, we went for a buzz cut...a number 2 all over. Main reason being that it is safer, in case of little fingers making their way up in defence. It is also easier - no measuring and not too much checking involved. Pretty straight forward - buzz around, clean up, and your done! But fortunately for us, we also like the look of it. I always did intend to buzz-cut my son's hair.

Those beautiful curls

I knew he'd get distressed, but he would have got distressed anyway, be it clippers or scissors. We thought being in his own highchair at home would be preferable to being in an unfamiliar, small and somewhat claustrophobic salon. We also knew that there was no way he would allow a towel or sheet to protect his clothing, so we'd have to pop him straight into the bath to wash up when done. Hubby was to hold him steady while I ran the clippers over his head. Five minutes, no big deal.... hopefully!

We started with some yummy m&m's... a little treat/reward for the trauma we were about to put him through. As soon as those clippers touched his head, he forgot all about the m&m's though. He screamed - it still breaks my heart to this day - he screamed and cried his little heart out. But as soon as the clippers came off his head, he'd stop. So the distress wasn't lasting. We would clipper, and then give him a break for a few seconds, then clipper some more. By the end of it though, he did continue crying right up until we got him out of the bath. I must admit, there were a few times there where I nearly went to tears myself.

That was last time. This time, he didn't stress so badly. Not by far! This time, I held his head while hubby clippered. It turned out even better than last time!

I must admit, my heart skips a little bit every time we cut those adorable unruly curls off. But this type of cut keeps his hair neat, without too much fuss. And it really brings out his eyes.

Fish & chips for dinner :)

Handsome little man :) *hearts*


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