Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Life is chaotic at the moment haha! Yesterday, hubby went to Ikea (finally!) and picked up the bunk beds and storage units for the kids rooms that we have been planning on getting for ...oh, ages now. So now the big girls are in bunk beds. I'm a bit sad at changing from the pretty white beds we had for them (the bunk is just plain old treated pine), but I must admit, the bunk was a great idea. It has really opened up the room in terms of floor space, and now we can put the girls' toys in there as well. I mean big girl stuff, like Barbie, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, The Littlest Pet Shop, etc., and all the assorted tiny bits and pieces that go with them. It's out of the way, and it's safer for the babies. And it means the girls can play in there and not in my face all the time! .....girls can get pretty rowdy, trust me LOL.

So anyway, the house is upside down. Toys are all over the place, storage units half built, massive boxes all over the house. And one of the girls found the styrofoam cubes in the packing...... need I say more? I feel like we've just moved in! Or are moving out again.

My boy's room is also different. We have moved his cot to the other side of the room, and put one of the white beds where it used to be. The other white bed is dismantled and stored underneath. The chest of drawers/change table unit is in a different place too. Thankfully, my son hasn't stressed too much about the changes. With autism, change like this can be very distressing. I'm grateful that my boy doesn't tend to worry too much. Quite the contrary in fact. Yesterday, when things were being moved around....people everywhere (cousins were here too) ...noise ...junk ...mess ...chaos... he actually seemed pretty happy with all the kerfuffle. Excited even. It was cute :). And he slept well last night, and was happy to nap today and go to bed tonight as well. Awesome.

He is still in his cot, but we will need to move him to a bed eventually. The strategy is that he will get used to the other bed being in there, so when we are ready to move him we'll allow him to fall asleep in his cot, and then transfer him to the other bed while he's sleeping. That's the plan for now at least. So then, once the baby's sleeping patterns settle a bit more, she will move into the cot in the room with him. And hubby and I get our bedroom back! Woohoo!

Meanwhile, I still have to find somewhere to put the bookshelf and toys that used to be in the boy's room haha! It's chaos. Oh, I said that before LOL. Sorry! But it is!

So, my big girls are pretty rapt at their new bed and new room configuration. They played in there almost all day today, and are dead set on keeping it tidy. Hehehe.....we'll see how long that lasts for!

Anyway, I shall leave you with some cake I have done over the Easter weekend.


A dear friend asked me for 4 dozen cupcakes for her daughters birthday party. The theme was a mad hatters' tea party. I wanted to do something beautiful, but slightly quirky. With the time constraint factor, I came up with these. They were not the birthday cake though, the birthday girl actually made that herself. I saw it when I delivered these, and it was fantastic! Didn't get a pic though, sorry.

Classic cupcakes - chocolate with vanilla buttercream, topped with a dark chocolate lattice, sugar flower and a jaffa in the middle of the flower.

Lemon cheesecake cupcake - topped with a sugar flower. Simple, but yummy as!

Chocolatte' - chocolate cupcake with coffee buttercream, topped with a dark chocolate lattice and sugar ribbon rose.

Cookies & cream - topped with a white chocolate lattice, mini white ribbon roses and a mini oreo.

A sample of how they looked set up on my brand spanking new 5 tier handcrafted wooden cupcake stand! My sister in law took a picture of the whole lot set up at the party... when I get a copy, I'll post it.

A cake for the family do on Easter Sunday. My cousin requested the same as the chocolate box one I made for her anniversary, but shaped like an easter egg. In keeping with the easter egg theme, I went for bright colours, and topped it with white and pink chocolate dipped cake balls instead. Didn't look as effective as the first design I thought, but still yummy.

Inside one of the cake balls....how good does it look in white chocolate!

Traditional butterfly cakes in lemon and strawberry. Sorry again for all the bad photos... I have no talent when it comes to photography hah!

Until next time!


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