Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Good To Be Jealous

What? A christian should never say that! Ahh... but in this case, it is true!

The sweetest thing happened in the church creche (Jitterbugz) this morning. Actually, a few sweet things happened!

1. My son actually joined in with the singing, and laughed and clapped when a familiar song was sung! Most of the kids there had never heard the boy make a peep, so they were all staring at him in wonder when he was laughing. It was so sweet.

2. Lately, I have been placing alot of emphasis on 3 particular words: Banana, apple, and yoghurt. But this morning, as I handed him some sliced banana to snack on, and said the usual "Bah-nah-nah!" for him, he smiled and turned his face towards mine. Then he paused to concentrate on what I was saying. Then he leaned in soooooo close that his mouth was almost on mine! And what's more, he placed his hand on the side of my face to draw it in closer to his!

The only way I can think to describe the whole thing is like this: that he knows and understands what I am saying, and wants to say it too, only he doesn't know how, so he wants me to move his mouth for him to make him say it. Too cute!

3. This is the biggest thing that got me today. One other little boy in the creche was very upset, and crying for his mama. This little fellow climbed up onto my lap for some comfort and sat there as I cuddled him. My own son was off playing somewhere else.

But when Erik saw me cuddling this other boy, he came straight over. He tugged on my legs, and when I looked at him, he looked me right in the eyes with this expression of hurt on his face! It was amazing! Then he tried to push the other boy off my lap, and looked at me again!

He didn't even need words to be able to tell me he was jealous. I could see it all in his eyes.... they were so expressive!

"Hey! You're my mummy! What's he doing here? Get him off! You're my mummy!"

He was jealous and he showed it... a very normal toddler behaviour. And it was so beautiful!



  1. :D So good! :)

    And he put bread crumbs in my can of drink!!! :) it was a good weekend! :)

  2. Oh yes! I forgot he did that haha! Also, at lunch time this afternoon, he was swishing the water around in his drink again. Happy happy mum :)