Saturday, May 1, 2010

Something New

My son did something new this morning. It brightened my day alot.

He stuck his hand inside his cup of water and was swishing it around. He'd take his hand out and look at how the water droplets dripped off. He'd smile at it, and put his hand in again. It was so cute. He has never done this before.

Something like this might seem insignificant, or maybe even 'naughty' when done by a normal child. (I certainly would have corrected this behaviour if it were in either of my older kids :P). But for my son, it's beautiful. He's exploring again. And it's even more special for me, because his sensory issues are most potent when it comes to his hands - the palms of his hands, specifically.

It brought to my memory a time about 6 years ago, when my friend's son did this for the first time. He was around 15 months when he did it. My son is now 2 years and 9 months. So it's late for him, but it's oh-so- beautiful.

By the way, I realise there seems to be alot of pics with him in the high chair ...feral as it is haha. But I guess that's because he seems to do alot of new things there, and it's one place I can have him sitting fairly still for a photo LOL.


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