Saturday, May 15, 2010


For a very long time now, questions have been going around in my mind with regards to my son - even from before the time we were alerted to the fact that something was amiss. I hope that when I find the answers - because answers will present themselves one way or another - that they are all positive ones. Some of the questions I often ask myself and God are:

When will my son speak?

Does he understand what I am saying to him? ... sometimes I believe he does, sometimes I am not so sure.

What are his talents/strengths going to be? - I still can't see any of these yet.

What will motivate him?

Does he get very anxious? If he does, how can I tell?

Will he be able to find a satisfying vocation in life?

Will he want to get married? Will he even be able to?

When will I be able to take him out shopping without him cracking it every time I stop to look at something?

Will he be able to attend a mainstream school?

What does he stim off? I'm pretty sure it's something visual, but I can't really tell when he's doing it.... maybe he doesn't do it often..?

Will he ever start eating meat and vegetables/salads when they aren't mixed with rice or pasta?

As you can see, some of these questions are to do with daily life, and others are more about his future. I wonder about his future all the time. One thing I am certain of though: he will be ok. That doesn't mean he will 'outgrow' or 'lose' his autism necessarily. But it means that he will be able to have a meaningful and fulfilling life, and be able to function within society without needing extra support. (All of us need support in life, regardless of whether or not we have special needs). He will be ok, and I refuse to hear any talk about him otherwise. He will be ok, though he may need alot of help along the way to being ok. He will be ok, though it might be later rather than sooner. Whatever.... he will be ok.


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