Saturday, April 20, 2013

Toilet Training Day 11

Woke to find a small firm poo in his nappy today.  Good he got some out.  We seem to have avoided the constipation issues so far, thank God.  I have let him outside to play, since the weather is lovely.  I couldn't keep him cooped up in here, it's not fair.  Bad enough he has hardly been out for the whole school holidays, except for three trips to the playground.  Cold weather is just around the corner so I want to take advantage of the sunshine.  The downside is that I know he will poo and wee while outdoors and nobody is noticing him.

True enough, he comes in a short while later with poo stains on his bottom.  Never mind.  And this time I don't even bother looking for the evidence!  LOL!  I am sure he has wee'd outside too, as there hasn't been anything today that resembles him needing to go.  So I guess, all in all, there has been nothing for me to catch/train with.  Honestly though, I think I needed the break.  Even though there seems to have been no real training happening, at least he has no nappy on, and so I have avoided that backwards step so far.

What an unremarkable day.  I have managed to catch half a wee that he did while standing on the edge of the couch, but that's it.  There have been no more wee's and no more poo's (or threatened poo's either).

However, we did have an hour long meltdown at dinner due to him being way overtired and nearly falling asleep while waiting for his food.  That was very taxing, putting it mildly.

He is now in bed.  All I want to do is zone out with a book or some mmorpg.  But my daughters need my attention.  I try to put my brain into gear.  Maybe a movie together might be a good compromise.


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