Sunday, April 14, 2013

Toilet Training Day 5

Again I woke to find poo.  At least he is moving things a little bit so he doesn't get too constipated.  I won't be too fussed about chasing him around today, as I expect a wee around 4:30pm - 5:30pm.  That seems to be his pattern.  I do need to try and put him on the toilet more though.  Really need to pick up my game in that area :(.

The weather is blessedly pleasant, so I let him play outside.  About 2pm, Baby Miss comes running in to tell me "Erik made wee!"  Oh no, I missed it!  Asking her where he made wee doesn't help, she just keeps telling me he made it on the toilet, which I know is impossible.  A brief inspection outside shows me a small foamy puddle on the concrete.  I hose it away.  Nothing more I can do really.  He has resumed his walking around and it's a bit too late to show him and talk to him about it now.  I'm angry with myself.  And so frustrated.  He just won't wee when anyone is watching!

He is very whiny and irritable today.  I think it's because he is really starting to feel uncomfortable.  He hasn't been able to wee or poo at ease for five days now.  I imagine he is feeling rather blocked up.  I feel so sorry for him.  The whole thing is breaking my heart.  If only you could just sit on the toilet kiddo, and let it all go there.  If only you could understand that that scenario would be the ultimate in control for you!  Depression starts to overwhelm me.  This is life with my special needs kid.  Not just the practical limitations, but the heartbreak and emotional turmoil of knowing your child is suffering, even when they don't necessarily know.  How hard it is to know that things could be so much better if he could just relax.

Nothing else for the rest of the afternoon.  Then, as we are all sitting down to watch a movie and eat dinner for family night, he wees.  He is sitting sort of sideways on the entertainment unit, playing with the iPad.  There is a shelf and a drawer underneath where he is sitting.  He just lets go while he is sitting there, and it gets into the drawer underneath.  Which had wrapping paper in it.  Guess that has to go in the bin now.  I jumped up to catch what I could, but he refuses to move from his spot, so it was really hard to position the bucket underneath him to catch the wee.  Nothing more to do but clean it and him up.

He is very irritable.  Keeps getting in front of the TV so the girls couldn't see properly, whining, laughing, screaming and climbing on us, and just generally disrupting everything.  I take him to shower and get him ready for bed so the others can watch the rest of the movie in peace.

Another failed day.


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