Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toilet Training Day 7

No poo this morning again.  Haven't seen anything like a wee for most of the day either, so I decided to take advantage of the pleasant weather and let him outside to play.  As soon as I did, he let go.  Poo that is, and likely a wee too, let us just assume.  He came inside soon after and I could smell it.  I quickly went outside to see if I could find the package  but it was nowhere to be found!  Another phantom poo.  The remnants on his bottom were the only evidence.  I took him to the bath to clean him up and went outside to try to find this poo again.  Didn't find the poo, but found a butt naked little Baby Miss frolicking around the shallow kiddie pool we use for our dog's water, in full view of the construction workers over the back fence!

Oh the joys.  I took her inside to dress her and sort her out, secretly taking much joy in the fact that she can actually undress herself if she wants to.  When I returned, I could smell another poo.  What?  Again?!  Errgh!!  Back we go to the bath to clean up.  And then I went outside to see if I could find these phantom poos.

While I was out searching, I located the fresh one almost immediately.  Our beautiful dog, who was happily following me around also located it.  And then she showed me exactly why the phantom poo's were phantom.



Yes, it's exactly what you think!  She took one sniff, then picked it up in her snout, quickly catching it when it slipped, and guzzled it down without a second thought.  I almost threw up on the spot as I watched her trotting away, her tail wagging merrily.

Later that afternoon, he started to wee behind a couch in the lounge room.  It was Miss Jane who alerted me to it, the clever girl.  But bucket was nowhere to be found, so I missed it.  I was really annoyed.  How could I just misplace such an important thing?

In the evening just before dinner, I managed to get a pair of jocks on the boy.  Win!  This is definitely a good step.  However, just as I was serving up dinner, there was that telltale whiff in the air.

Oh no.....

Poo in the jocks.

For the third time that day, I cleaned him up.  At least he is clearing his system.  I would rather that than have constipation issues on top of everything else.

Trying to look on the bright side:  The one benefit from all this toilet training is that it is saving a lot of pull-ups!

I put on his night time nappy, and put him to bed.  What a day :(


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