Friday, April 12, 2013

Toilet Training Day 3

I woke up to find a small but firm poo in his nappy.  I'm happy that he got to release something, at least it will avoid him being completely 'blocked up'.  I cleaned him up at the toilet - quite difficult to do when he is squirming and trying to run off.  I always try to show him what I'm doing; how the poo goes in the toilet and we flush it all away.  He never wants to look.  Wants nothing to do with it!

A little time later, I notice he is not in the vicinity and start making my way upstairs to check where he is.  On the way I am met by a fast walking husband holding the boy a little out from him and quickly heading towards the toilet.  The smell that wafts past me leaves no questions.  Poo.  There is a little bit hanging off his bottom.  Dad sits him on the toilet and keeps him there, despite his protests, while I go back upstairs to search the area for any 'remnants'.  Thankfully, and amazingly, there is nothing.  Dad seems to have picked up on it right at the beginning.

A little piece that was stuck to the boy's bottom drops into the toilet, and we make a big happy deal about it.  But he is still upset and protesting, and refuses to do anymore.  I clean him up, and let him go.

After the poo incident, I am super vigilant today.  The boy obviously needs to go.  I eat my lunch while following him around, wee bucket always close to hand.  Still no wee, and no poo.

Seeing as there is really nothing happening, I decide to take a break for a little bit and stop following him around.  Then I hear a call from upstairs.... "Viv.....".  My husband sounds annoyed.  I rush upstairs.  Erik has wee'd in a very awkward place.  Over toys and shelves and carpet.  Sigh.  Lovely.  Husband takes him downstairs while I clean up the mess.  I guess I can't let my guard down for a moment.

I am very much over this today.  At this point, I have identified two major problems:  Erik is an absolute control freak.  One; he must be in control all the time, even physically.  And two; relating to this, he will not let go in front of anyone, even me.  In light of these facts, how on earth am I supposed to help him use the toilet?  If I am needed to literally hold him there, there is no way he is going to voluntarily let go while I'm in there with him.  The only time he wee's is when he thinks no one is watching, or when he simply cannot hold on anymore - and his holding power is incredibly strong!

There is no more wee and no more poo for the rest of the day, though I'm still pretty certain he needs to poo.  In the evening, I put his nappy and  pj's on and put him to bed.


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