Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Toilet Training Day 8

No poo this morning.  None all day in fact.  I guess yesterdays purge cleaned out his system.  But I didn't manage to catch anything today in terms of wee either.  He wee'd once in his pj pants, early in the day when I wasn't expecting a wee from him.  That was the only wee I have seen of him today.  He is tipping all the patterns upside down, so I can't predict anything.  Stressed out doesn't even begin to describe my state at this point.

At the end of the day, in the middle of dinner, I could see that he really needed to use the toilet.  He got up off his chair and refused to come back.  I left him because of my suspicions.  Watching him as closely as I could while managing the Baby Miss, I realised I could smell poo.  I found although he hadn't actually done any, there were smudges on his bum.  It was as though his body was desperately trying to make one, but he was hunched over walking around and doing his utmost to hold it in.  And doing a stellar job of that.  His belly was rock hard.  He wasn't distressed, but he was whining and obviously uncomfortable.  I took him to the toilet to wait it out, hoping that Baby Miss wouldn't get into any mischief while I was otherwise occupied.

He danced around and I waited.  I held the bucket out for wee and waited.  He didn't like that, so I put the bucket down, and waited.  Then I sat him on the toilet, and waited.  Then he didn't want to sit anymore, so I let him off, and waited.   We sang songs, and I waited.  I spoke to him quietly about making poo on the toilet, about him being a big boy now, about how he would be ok.  He croaked in response (and I nearly hooped and hollered for joy!)  "No - mm".  Twice he responded that way as I quietly spoke to him.  But - and here is the thing that always gets me - it could have been something else...

You see, the last few days he has been singing to himself "Noma, noma, A B teeeth!  Neh tah wer eh si weh meee".  Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful to my ears and delightful to my heart.  A little something to cheer me in the middle of this toileting nightmare.  So yes, it could have been that too.  Still though, I took it as a response to my quiet talking to him.  No mum, I don't want to use the toilet.

So I waited and waited, all the while with one ear listening to the Baby Miss chatting at us from behind the door (oh, she never stops, bless her).  Then I sat him down on the toilet again and began counting as I waited.  Quietly counting in his ear, he seemed to be able to settle.  I counted all the way to 200, he loved the pattern of it.  But still nothing.  I let him go.  We had been in there 40 minutes.

I showered him, put his nappy and pj's on, and put him to bed.  Failed again.


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