Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toilet Training Day 2

Same routine as yesterday, only he is not drinking much today.  I haven't been as diligent in putting him on the toilet.  Maybe 3 times all day.  Not good, but the dread I feel every time I think about putting him on there makes me procrastinate.  Ugh.  Suck it up princess!

We decide to go to the park, with daddy's help.  So I try to put pants on him.  He outright refuses to wear jocks!  He learned on our last toilet training stint that they don't hold anything in if he lets go, and has refused to wear them ever since.  It's absolutely hilarious, the way he vehemently and with great annoyance voices his protest whenever I merely show him a pair!  I resort to hiding them in his pants and putting them both on at the same time.   It works.  But just as we are about to leave the house, he wees.

Poor kid.  The look of confusion and disappointment on his face broke my heart.  Pants on, he thought he was safe!  Wee down his legs, in his pants and socks and shoes.  I change him again quickly, and we go to the park.

When we got home, as I was serving up dinner (shepherds pie that had been in the oven while we were out), he went to a corner of the kitchen while everyone else was otherwise busy, and wee'd again.  But he must have stopped mid stream when he realised there was still no nappy.  Poor baby :(.  I remove his clothes and dry him up, and left him bottomless again.

He is whining and crying.  He is uncomfortable.  I'm pretty sure he really needs to poo.  He won't do it though.  I am really concerned now.  He has held it in for two days at this point.  I really don't want him to get constipated.  However, it is bedtime anyway.  So I shower him, nappy him and put him to bed.  If he is going to do it, this is his opportunity, as un-ideal as the case may be.  I'd rather not have him constipated, so I quietly hope he might poop it out while his nappy is 'appropriately' on for bedtime.

Caught no wee at all today.  He did them both when his pants were on.  Oh well.  Tomorrow it all continues.


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