Sunday, April 21, 2013

Toilet Training Day 12

I have been up since very early this morning, before 5am.  I just couldn't sleep.  Too much on my mind I think.  So I was already up when Erik got out of bed, which was at 6:30am.  After breakfasting him and the Baby Miss, I took off his night time nappy, as usual.  Knowing it was risky, I lay down on the couch to doze.  I had the bucket close at hand in case it was needed.  But I prayed I wouldn't miss anything due to being sleepy.  He looked like he needed to both wee and poo.  But by this time, I was sooooo tired.  I fell asleep about 8am, all kids up and about.

Amazingly, I didn't miss anything.  He did nothing, though I kept waking up to check.  It wasn't till I was up and about again that he wee'd.  Fortunately I was very close by and immediately grabbed the bucket and caught all but the beginnings of it.  Yes!

He whined a little bit.  He didn't like it this time.  With a gentle and positive tone, I encouraged and reassured him.  Then, he chuckled a bit.  Sweet boy.  It was quite a long stream... he had been holding for some time again.  He seemed to get distracted with what was going on though, and he tried to keep walking away to attend to something else while he was still weeing.  I thought that was a little bizarre, but I managed to keep him there till he was done.

When he had finished, as usual, I went to take it and him to the toilet to dispose of it.  But this time, he would not come with me.  He resisted and screamed and dropped and then stood up and ran off.  I deposited the bucket in the toilet room and went to get him.  But first, a small reward.  I fetched one of his favourite chocolates of all time - a freckle.  One measly little freckle.  It's a big deal for him though. So gave it to him with lots of positive praise about weeing in the bucket.  As he was eating it, I gently walked him over to the toilet to dispose of the wee.  He didn't fight me this time.

School goes back the day after tomorrow.  I don't think we will have gotten anywhere by then.  But I'm sticking it out for two more days.  Just two more days.

About 4pm in the afternoon, I notice a smell.  I have been keeping a close eye on him all day, so I knew a poo was close.  Checking his bottom confirms everything and I take him to the toilet and settle in for a while.  We play.  We sing.  We play some more.  He keeps trying to get off, or stand on the toilet seat.  At one point, Baby Miss comes running by stark naked.  She stops behind me and says "Mum, where's my clothes?"  I look at her, and though I am delighted by her super-cuteness, I ask her sternly "I don't know, where are they?" She says "I don't know" and runs off again.  I call out after her to get herself dressed, even just pyjamas.  She dutifully brings me her favourite pj's and I help her on with them.  At least she is wearing something.  Cheeky little monkey :)

Next thing I know, she is standing at the back door calling out to her sisters, who completely ignore her cries.  Her shouts of this nature always elicit a response from Erik.  And not the best response either.  The situation quickly escalates and I sense a meltdown coming on.  I cannot leave my post, or he will escape, and may possibly poo somewhere else.  No one answers the Baby Miss, and no one heeds my call either.  They probably can't hear it.  I feel like I'm going to snap.

Mercifully, she gives up calling to her sisters, and Erik settles down again.  But I've been pressed a bit more than I could bear.  I can only wait with him another 10 minutes, then I let him go.  The total time has been 1 hour 10 minutes.  I let him outside to play, concerned that he will let it all go out there.  But I am so beaten, I leave him be anyway.

After organising a no-drama dinner for the little ones, of vegemite toast and sliced apples, I set up the Baby Miss in her bubble bath.  While I'm not looking Erik does a wee.  I only notice after seeing droplets down his legs and on his feet.  I haven't found the puddle yet.  It has probably seeped into the rug by now :(.  Missed it again.

A short time later, I hear my hubby exclaim "Ohh... are you doing a poo Erik?".  I hurry over and sure enough, poo.  A little on the floor, and a little on the couch.  I send him to the toilet with my husband while I clean it up.  I find a little more on the kitchen floor.  I check in on hubby with the boy, but he said he is fine to stay with him, so I finish bathing the Baby Miss instead.  While I am washing her hair, she screams.  This elicits a meltdown from the boy who is in the toilet right next door.  I can't help it, her hair must be washed.  I make it as quick and painless as possible.  And check in again on hubby.  But as I check in, I find he has already given up and is bringing Erik out to wash him down.

But distressed or not, I am not satisfied with the short time the boy has spent on the toilet when he literally has poop hanging off his bottom.  So I take over from hubby and take him back in for a little longer.  I only take him off when I realise it is 15 minutes till his bedtime.  I shower him, pj him and put him to bed with his little sister.  Needless to say, he did nothing on the toilet.

I am so brain drained, it's not funny.  One more day.  And I insist on persevering  despite the obvious fact that we have gotten nowhere since we started all this.


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